Daydin, Neelix, Vaishiyas @ Club του Μύλου

Daydin, Neelix, Vaishiyas @ Club του Μύλου

Camoflash present  Spintwist label event : Daydin, Neelix, Vaishiyas @ Club του Μύλου, Σάββατο 23 Iανουαρίου 2010 [AFTER 1:30 AM]

Line up

—presenting his new album—

About Neelix
One could say that the creative act of piecing together several ideas by using the computer is kind of golden thread in the life of Henrik Twardzik: Originally the native of Hamburg used to do compositing works for film productions, following a regular job. It was 1999, when something happened that should change his life: Basically he heard a song. But “Klein Aber Doctor” made him so much stoked, that he finally decided to get into producing music himself. Having a creative vein on the one hand and heaps of experience with clicking the mouse buttons hundreds of times per day, piling up sequences on a computer screen on the other, he moved forward pretty fast. His first releases rapidly gained popularity and simultaneously Henrik got more and more enthusiastic about producing music. Taking the necessary actions as a result of that made his girlfriend pronouncing a certain phrase more and more often: Get a proper job again! Well, today she doesn¢t say that any more…

Following the patterns of classical Progressive Trance at first and playing to its referee¢s whistle, Henrik slowly but constantly developed a very own style. His album “No Way To Leave” from 2005 marks a turning point in his musical career: With this one he founded his own school of Trance music, consequently following the paradigm of Progressive in the very original meaning of this term. Today Henrik is blissfully happy with getting a remarkable positive feedback from Trance fans all around the world and even being asked to produce music for TV commercials and popular movies.

—presenting his new album—

About Vaishiyas
It was 1999. With a proper portion of guitar music in his back, Hannes Klitta suddenly discovered a new passion: Producing electronic dance music. His sudden enthusiasm was triggered by the hypnotic crunch of that certain rocking chair: The track Schaukelstuhl perfectly represented the bouncing and extremely creative sound of the “Hamburg school”, which became a major influence. Just one year later a first Vaishiyas release hit the scene. The fact, that this one was nothing less than a full length album which was released on the renowned Progressive Trance label Jum Jam Records gave a meaningful hint about the creative potential of this artist. And so it is no surprise that Vaishiyas nowadays is regarded as a guarantor for intelligent and pushing Progressive Trance of simply highest quality.

Festivals like Boom or Universo Paralello have been important milestones in Hannes Klitta¢s musical career, where the euphoric reactions of the audience blessed him with his biggest compliments. In a technical respect it has been the progressive development of software synthesizers which left its mark on him, as well as the discovery of midi guitar pickups, Ableton Live and recently the controller APC40, which has been specially designed for this program. These technologies support him to achieve his standards of an intuitive and interactive live performance that is still inspired by bands like Dream Theater.

—–DAY DIN—–Live-
—presenting his new album—

about Day Din
Again Spintwist Records is proud to present someone who needs no introduction: Day.Din!

One and a half years after presenting his debut album “Speaker¢s Corner”, Day.Din is back to catch your ears and to force your feet and legs to move! His second album “A Place To Be Real”, influenced by so many dance floors and people all around the world, is his contribute to all tranceloving fraggles who are waiting for the ultimate progressive sound! Every single beat and every single sound was carefully tested on people¢s mind and soul from Hamburg to London, from Mexico City to “Universo Parallelo” in Brazil, from Budapest to Barcelona to Lisbon and back again! So many people cannot be mistaken in enjoying his sound if you have in mind, that Day.Din¢s & Fabio¢s remix of Dualism¢s “I beg you” was number one of the beatport psychedelic top ten for 22 weeks…

Dreamy, wavy, catchy, trancy, inimitably, shiny, honestly, ingeniously, whatever… to tell you the truth, you will have to seek for a long long time to get hold of something comparable for your speakers and your mind!

These tunes are going to raise the bar within progressive trance and will set the new standard on the dance floors! Some advice: Go, get this and prepare yourself to meet Day.Din on an outdoor stage, best while dusk or dawn, when he will trick your mind and your body into moving!
See you there…


residents djs:


———- KREON ————

——– CamoFlash ———-

———– dj set ————-

about Kreon:
Leading member of CamoFlash crew,started his career mixing at parties in Thessaloniki since 1998 .Very soon he was known as one of the most famous DJs in Greece due to his ability of mixing tracks with a very special style,KREON is the half part of the newcoming project �NEOMATIC� most known in countries like Denmark,Germany,Sweden where he has perfomed several time as a DJ

——– DOC ———-

— candyflip rec —–

——- dj set ——-

About Doc:
Born in Athens Greece, 1/08/1966 He has started to sing in Punk rock bands at the age of 16. After his music interests moved from punk to heavy and thrash metal ,where at the beginning of the 90s he started to mix metal and indie rock at small clubs and bars in Thessaloniki. At the same time he made his first contact with the first underground rave parties and got infected by the psychedelic sounds of trance . After 1996 he starts to mix psy trance at illegal parties in warehouses At the summer of 1997 ,he has been playing every summer as a resident dj at the open air club “Mojo” at the island of Ios along with international guest djs like:Atmos ,James monro ,Anti, Synchro ,Mark Allen etc. During the winter time he was travelling around the world and has played from small jungle and beach parties in GOA THAILAND,MEXICO and Byron bay Australia to big open air parties and festivals in : JAPAN Bomodori festival 2001 GERMANY Metripolis Trancemosphere party,Berlin 2003 Double ram party,2005 Ov silence festivals 2004-2006 Cosmic tunes christmas party 2006 Voov festival 2006 Antaris festival 2007 Tshitraka festival 2008 HUNGARY Neuro years eve party 2005 Porn dance &stars 2005 No mans land festival 2007 Ozora festivals 2008-2009 HOLLAND XMass mafia party 2006 Queensday festival 2007-2008 BELGIUM Kairoo prec party,Antwerp 2006 AUSTRALIA Seismic chunk festival 2002 Byron bay doof parties 2002-2004 F.Y.R.O.M,POTUGAL,BULGARIA, SWITZERLAND and CYPRUS. He is also the only greek dj who ve played to all Samothraki festivals(2001-02-03-05)and to all the rest big greek festivals (Butterfly, Magical forest, Cyberlight, Twillight zone, Aurora2008-2009). At the beginning of 2002 he became an official dj of Candyflip records and has been promoting the label with his djsets in Greece and around the world for more th

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