Kled Mone, Kplus,  Panagiotis Lambrianidis @ Stardust

Kled Mone, Kplus, Panagiotis Lambrianidis @ Stardust

FourDegrees Presents: Kled Mone, Kplus (Live),  Panagiotis Lambrianidis (Violin) @ Stardust (25ης Μαρτίου, Ευκαρπία), Σάββατο 23 Ιανουαρίου 2010


lives in Thessaloniki-Greece. His love for music started in the age of 10 wheh he was taking guitar lessons from his father which gave him the first steps.

Later in 2002 Kled Mone started playing as a Dj at local cafe bars of his town.His interest about electronic music was now a fact.After 3 years he played for his first time in front of 600 people in a dance festival with Progressive rythms and grooves, which took place in Ydrogeios Club at Thessaloniki.

Now he knew that his Dj sets makes people dance and move all night long,so he started his carrer as a Dj.As a dj Kled Mone has played at many clubs of his Hometown and Country, but also he played as a Guest Dj at Amnesia Club in Kumanovo-Skopje which was a great experience for him, .The event was Great and he was invited again to play as a Guest Dj.

His Dj Sets are combined with Techno, Progressive House and House grooves.According to him he sais that he trys to keep his sets with different styles and music every time he plays.

At 2006 Kled Mone started to learn more about Producing and Programming music cause he took classes at Music Technology and sound engineering School.His knowledge about music and producing was now complete. He, creates dark and melancholic chords at his tracks.He trys to avoid the standart ideology of songs, providing to his tracks the difference.

“Swedish love” was first released at beatport by solid fabric rec.

After that the remix “Do it better” has been released at May 9 2008 by Cleptomania Rec

“Dark show” was also released by SFR including Evans -T remix.

“Moonlight” was released by Moovement Rec.

Kled Mone now is an active member of 4 Degrees Bookings


KPLUS aka Kiriakos Meliadis:

Was born and raised at west side of Thessaloniki city Greece.
At the age of 14 he had his first experience with electronic music listening
to uplifting and psychedelic trance.
Throughout the years playing as a bedroom dj and acting as a dj in local clubs
he won a couple of dj contests in techno and tech house.
He took lessons on music technology and engineering on private university.
At his first debut as a professional dj at decadence club thessaloniki on 24/11/07
with Atmos he had a great success.
He has traveled all over Greece and Cyprus at clubs and festivals to spin his records
playing with producers such as U-Recken, Day Din, Logic Bomb, Liquid Soul, Ace ventura, Ear Sugar,Mario Rannieri, Boris S, Charasmatix, G-pal, Gaudioum, Atmos, George John Delkos, Ticon, Meller and many more.
Now at the age of 21 he is one of the most upcoming artists in ungerground Thessaloniki.
His first steps as a producer started on 2008 with tracks that aimed on making the listener see life from his point of view expessing his feeling through the music.

Panagiotis Lambrianidis : Violin

Launched his series event(live with a violin) back at 2009 with Kled Mone.
His style and performance are unique and his melodies makes your mind drifting.
After 14 years of studying and after 1 year of his absence at Thessalonikis night life he is back again.

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